A sigh from BTS Jimin's new song, "Sobokbok"?

BTS (BTS) Jimin's self-composed song "Christmas Love," which was prepared as a Christmas gift and released on the music platform "Sound Cloud" on the 24th, is popular. The song also topped the "Hot & New" chart of the sound cloud, "All Music Genre" worldwide.

"Christmas Love," which contains Jimin's unique and romantic voice, is an impressive song with an impressive melody, produced by Big Hit Entertainment producer Slow Rabbit. The song, which starts with the lyrics, "My heart is already on this white street/It snowed in my dream last night/ You waited all day under the blanket," is full of the purity and sweetness of Christmas.

In addition to presenting regular songs, BTS members have also uploaded various non-regular works on the sound cloud, allowing fans to enjoy the song for free. This song is part of that, and it seems to be especially hot.

There is a foreign media outlet that says, "The Birth of a Christmas Season Song," and in Korea, it was also used as background music for the "Sports News" section of KBS <News 9> and KBS 2TV entertainment program <Superman is Back>.

However, for one unusual reason, the response to this song seems to be hot, as some of the lyrics of this song have not been translated satisfactorily among overseas fans.

Among the lyrics, the word "sobokbok" came out, and it was not a problem for overseas fans that there was no equivalent word for the Korean language. BTS fandom ARMY struggled to express "sobokbokbok" as much as possible.

"Sobok sobok sounds really lovely. I think I'm in love with the word "sobokbokbok." It is sad that there are no alternative words. I think Korean is a very emotional language."

There was a response from overseas fans on Twitter, while there was also an article like this.

"I want to cry. I hope I know enough Korean to fully understand their lyrics and words."

They were disappointed (?) that they could not replace the word "falling falling," and had time to think about the language, saying that English words seem to be somewhat limited, and that some words in other languages cannot be translated into English properly.

No wonder, in this era when K-pop is loved by people around the world, these worries seem right and right. Just as Korean literature moves the author's intention delicately through the hands of a competent literary translator when it goes abroad, I think that the lyrics need such a translation process.

"Foreign ARMYs experience only half the amount of bulletproof content compared to those who speak Korean. "I lose too much nuance in the translation process," another foreign fan's lamentation is a part that cannot help but sympathize with.

Jimin wrote on the BTS blog, "I sang with my feelings when I first saw my favorite snow falling," adding, "I hope I can listen to the song and go back to the past where you remember a little bit." There were many people who had a hard time this year, but I hope you can change your mood while listening to this song."

The singer himself/herself left such a kind explanation about the song, but fans want to know everything about the singer's feelings in the lyrics. If you're a true fan, that's human nature. Thinking about the minds that want to absorb every single word without missing it, I unintentionally think about the subtlety and limitations of language.