[ BTS ALBUM ] BTS Jimin, the male idol with sexy dance.

BTS Jimin was chosen as one of the hottest boy idols.

On the 4th, the U.S. K-pop media Korea picked Jimin as the first one in the "Top 3 male idol with the sexiest dance."

The media said, "K-pop fans are well aware that BTS Jimin is one of the most elegant dancers in the industry, and the dance trainer agreed," adding that "Jimin was born to dance."

Through his YouTube channel, In In-woong said, "Jimin (Jimin) has a delicate expression built up with modern dance. "I've built my own dance style," he said. "The word 'idol' is the best match for everyone's idol."

BTS Jimin, the male idol with sexy dance.
In particular, "Jimin has a sexy look like a sacred work, like the 'David Award.' It is a dance that cannot be held or touched in a famous museum," he said, drawing rave reviews, describing Jimin's dance as a sacred "god-class work."

Experts at home and abroad have already praised Jimin's dance.

Earlier, modern dancer Kim Sun-yi evaluated him as "a performance artist who can express his inner self with his body," and the U.S. Glitter magazine praised each stage, saying, "I think I acted from my heart and sublimated my eyes and facial expressions into art."

The surreal-level dance expressed by Jimin is a differentiated stage that moves the hearts of the audience and reigns as one of the best "dancing kings" on the world stage.