BTS' UNICEF campaign. It resulted in good results.

UNICEF said in a statement released on the 6th that its "LOVE MYSELF" campaign with BTS over the past four years has raised $3.6 million (about 4.3 billion won) in donations. The fund raised will be used for projects to prevent violence against children and adolescents.

"Thank you for everything BTS has done to lead these important plans and help UNICEF over the past four years," said Henrietta Foret, chairman of UNICEF. "The groundbreaking steps BTS has taken to evoke a positive message with ARMY are truly unrivaled and incredibly valuable."

The Love Myself campaign began in 2017 with the theme of eradicating violence against children and adolescents. He shared slogans through the △ SNS hashtag △ product △ World Tour △ video and urged (be kind to children and teenagers).

UNICEF set up a booth for the BTS concert, and the band members repeatedly talked (campaign messages) while filming a music video at the UN headquarters, Bloomberg reported. "Most recently, it was at a meeting of world leaders at the UN annual general meeting last month."

As fans such as BTS' official fan club ARMY actively participated in donations and good deeds, the influence of the campaign increased.

According to UNICEF, there were 5 million tweets participating in the campaign, and the number of responses with "like" and comments exceeded 50 million. BTS Twitter has 39 million followers.

"We started Love Myself to help young people promote and approach their lives and rights," BTS said. "In the process, we also tried to love ourselves, and we grew into a team and individual."

"I hope Love Myself's message will continue to help sustain everyone's lives," he added. "I want many people to feel how the love they receive from others can help them love themselves."