J-Hope Donates 100 Million Won for Children's Day..."For African Children."

J-Hope, a member of the group BTS, donated 100 million won for African children on Children's Day.

The Green Umbrella Children's Foundation (Chairman Lee Je-hoon), a child advocacy organization, said on the 4th, "J-Hope delivered 100 million won in donations for children in Tanzania, Africa, who are exposed to violence on Children's Day."

The donation will be used to support the One Stop Center, which was established to support the Tanzania child violence prevention project. The center was established by the Green Umbrella Children's Foundation to systematically carry out reports of victims of violence, treatment, legal and counseling support, and evidence collection in one place.

J-Hope has consistently donated to the Green Umbrella Children's Foundation. In 2018, it was named "Green Noble Club," a group of high-value donors sponsored by the foundation for more than 100 million won.

Last year, the government delivered 100 million won to children in crisis families suffering from Covid-19. In February, he donated 150 million won to celebrate his birthday. Including this sponsorship, J-Hope's accumulated donations to the Green Umbrella Children's Foundation totaled 700 million won.

"Many people around the world are suffering from Corona 19, and we are sponsoring overseas children following the support of domestic children in the hope that warm sharing will be delivered to overseas children in the blind spot," J-Hope said.