This year, BTS...The number of followers on social media has increased the most.

Who is the K-pop artist with the most followers on social media in 2020? Which group's music video did you watch the most?

According to the "K-pop Radar 2020 Year-end Settlement" released by the K-pop radar on the 16th, BTS has topped the "Most Badge Acquisition" category for the second consecutive year.

This is the result of K-pop radar's aggregation of data from K-pop artists such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. It collects the current status of artists' SNS followers every day and counts the trend of real-time music video views. Among them, the winner was decided based on data collected for about 11 months from January 1 to November 30.

According to the K-pop radar tally, BTS once again took the top honor following last year. It has acquired a total of 15 badges, including two 1 billion views, one 800 million views, and two 700 million views. In addition, the music videos of "DNA" and "Boy With Luv" exceeded 1 billion views this year, winning the K-pop boy group's first 1 billion view title.

The combined number of members Sugar's "Agust D," "Daechutta" and J-Hope's "Chicken Noodle Soup" is 18, with the number of badges acquired also increasing from last year. Both size and quantity are growing compared to last year, proving that it is continuing its heyday.

On top of that, 15 teams, including TOMORROW X TOGETHER, MAMAMOO, NCT 127 and Stray Kids, achieved 100 million views for the first time this year and were named as co-winners of the "first badge acquisition category." The number of co-winners in the 'first badge acquisition category' also increased by five teams compared to the previous year.

The "2020 Hot Instagrammer category," which opens a personal Instagram and is awarded to the artist with the most followers, is also notable.

In the case of male artists, NCT Jae-hyun, who achieved 1 million followers in a day after opening Instagram in March, topped the list with about 5.31 million followers.

The female artist was honored by Hwasa MAMAMOO, who is enjoying her best days until the entertainment program "Refund Expedition" along with her successful solo activities. Hwasa, which opened Instagram six years after its debut, saw an increase of about 4.1 million followers in the eight months since its opening.

Who are the two teams that have grown the most brilliantly in the Twitter follower category over the past year? I'm with Stray Kids.

Stray Kids has seen a steep rise in Twitter followers over the past year, more than 2.3 times higher than before, and the number of followers in ITZY has also soared from 930,000 last year to 2.31 million recently.

K-pop radar analyzed, "We are looking forward to the 2021 activities because K-pop fandom is concentrated and the popularity on Twitter, which communicates actively, is soon felt."

Meanwhile, K-pop radar is a fandom data service that has been opened by music startup Space Audity to identify the data of fandom at a glance as K-pop's rapid growth continues.